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Nonfiction World History

First Place Winner–2018

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Arch of History
through Atlantis, Sumeria, Israel

a Big History of the world

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New research answers many previously
unanswered questions on a
wide variety of subjects

Earth history—first societies—ancient empires

—Jewish history—World War history—future history

This all-inclusive world history from creation through the centuries to the present integrates science, politics, and religious text references into the story of human history. Atlantis represents a Civilization X, a technologically advanced society existing during the last Ice Age. Mysterious stone structures and genetic evidence trace people from Sumeria in Mesopotamia back to an Ice Age civilization and forward to ancient Israel. The Common Era, the last two thousand years, includes the expansion of modern Europe and Asia, effects of the Little Ice Age, and the settlement of America. Previously undisclosed documents reveal the secret deals leading to both world wars. The conclusion encompasses possible future scenarios for humankind.

Award-winning political thriller

First in the "Into Danger" thriller trilogy

Content suitable for young adults to seniors

Into the Arms of Danger:
A Thriller in Future Israel

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Three years before Israel's centennial, a bold Israeli commander, the kibbutz community he protects, an Islamic civil war exploding out of Egypt, and a corrupt One World Government collide in Israel's Negev Desert in 2045. A suspenseful action-adventure thriller filled with historical references set in the near future.

Into the Arms of Danger: a Thriller in Future Israel won second place in the 2015 Beverly Hills International Book Awards for Best Political Thriller.

Coming Soon - Fiction Thriller

Into Danger: Broken Promise

Second novel in the trilogy

Coming Soon - Fiction Thriller

Into Danger: Flashpoint

Third novel in the trilogy

Lola S. Kohen
— award-winning author, historian, and political analyst, utilized hundreds of sources for Arch of History through Atlantis, Sumeria, Israel. For her fiction thriller trilogy, Into Danger, she used more than a decade of declassified Israeli intelligence reports.